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Capital Gains – You Just Need to Know Where To Go

“How about an upmarket B & B in Notting Hill?” Much better, everyone agreed, and while it was going to cost £10 more than the Travel inn, I decided it was worth it in terms of fares saved and arguments prevented. Not to mention long hours on the internet, trying to find hotel rooms under £50 that didn’t require you to share a bathroom.

If you’re going to take your family to London for just £200, as I was intending to do, you’ve got to reconcile yourself to the fact that accommodation is going to take up more than half your budget. Mind you, I couldn’t help feeling that staying at The Main House, just off Portobello Road, was going to be £55 per person well spent.

Run (and lived in) by a rather interesting former explorer called Caroline Main, it combined a soaring, white exterior with dramatically high ceilings and gleaming wood floors swathed in animal skins.

Having deposited our overnight bags first thing Saturday morning…